I recently got a new Schecter c1-plus with stock everything and ive been wondering if it is safe to go to drop B tuning without having to get it reset.Thank you.
Yeah. You might want to buy some thicker strings though. 11 - 59 or something is great for Drop-B.
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It wouldn't hurt to get a tech to setup your guitar if you plan to play there all the time but nothing will break if you don't.

BTW, for this tuning I would prefer 12's on a 24.75" scale but that's just me.
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i think schecters come equipped with 10 - 46 d'addarios stock, so you may wanna get some 12s for going down to drop b: EB 12 - 56 are really good for detuning.
i didnt even know there was a drop B,use 12's I'd say
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