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I think the greatest slow solo ever made is the solo in Floods by Pantera. If you haven't heard it, listen to it now!
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creek mary's blood - nightwish
meadows of heaven - nightwish
David Gilmour is the MASTER of the slow solo.
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clapton is THE best at slow solos.... slow hand... slow solo... get it?

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The Spirit Carries On-Dream Theater
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Whats a Steve Vai? Floyd Rose ripoff?

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There are too many classic, slow, soulful Opeth solo's to choose from.
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californication - the red hot chili peppers
farewell ballad - zakk wylde (this one is slow but it gets fast near end :S does that count?)

there are loads of chili's songs but i cant think right now
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Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce.


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There are too many classic, slow, soulful Opeth solo's to choose from.

oh i concur.
i'd nominate Windowpane or Epilogue

or along with the previous post, Get Me by Dinosaur Jr.
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David Gilmour is the MASTER of the slow solo.

This + Mikael Akerfeldt.
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All solos by Billy Gibbons
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No Boundaries - MAB... jk jk

No but seriously im going to post somethign noone else ever would

The Willing Well IV: The Final Cut - Coheed and Cambria */Equip Flameshield*
Lost-Avenged Sevenfold

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i definitly like floods but i think that selkies: the endless obsession by between the buried and me has a great slow solo in the end of the song
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Lost-Avenged Sevenfold

*raises flame shield*

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True clapton has the nickname slow hand but if you've ever listened to the solo on time by pink floyd you would realize that david gilmour is the best at the slow solo.
And i would like to metion a few other gilmour solo's comfortably numb, welcome to the machine. All great solo's.
Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

James doesn't do many solos but the ones he does are almost always good.

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A lot of John Frusciante's solos have this lovely easy going quality to them.
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I don't know what is worse, people picking "slow solos" or "fast solos".

Slow as in too slow for the song? Played by an OAP?


I vote Gary Moore.