okay, i always read the forums/reviews on here, have done for two years and know i have a question of my own. Already made a mistake, heres to a fail free thread.

basically, i'm 15 and i'm after a new guitar, i've had a fair few, and over the 6 or 7 years of playing, i've found my favourite hardware etc, but need it in one guitar.

i'm after neck-through construction, a decent trem system, preferably original floyd, active emgs, and an ebony fretboard, the last one's optional.

if any of you can find a standard superstrat shape that has all that for around £500, or a little more i would appreciate, as i know it isn't easy to find such guitars at that price

thanks in advance
Tricky...I don't know about neck-through, but these are at least set-neck. The thing is, not many guitars at that range have OFRs. Imo the best LFRs are made by Ibanez on the prestige models (Edge/ Edge Pro). There's also the S series with the ZR trem (not too expensive), but those don't have EMGs.

I'd get the Schecter C-1 FR, it's $500. Not an OFR, but a pretty good LFR. Then you can put a set of EMGs in it (81/60 or 81/85, whichever you prefer).

Also check out the ESP MH-400:
Not the best LFR, but it does have 81/85 pups. There's also the M-400 if you want 81 in both neck and bridge.
Quote by schecter ftw
Schecter Hellraiser FR

Play it before you buy it, you might not like the neck.

Way to recommend a guitar more than $200 over his price range. But yeah, it is a good guitar.