i'm buying a used acoustic guitar from guitar center that has to be shipped to me. it doesn't come with a case but the guy trying to sell it claims that would be a safer way to ship it. do you think that's a legitimate point or would guitar center probably pack it well enough without a case to get to me safely?
ummm? So you are going to ship it without a hardcase? Of course you could do it. Just that I would never do it. Ever, ever.
i "have" to have it shipped cause my parents aren't gonna drive me 8 hours to buy it in person.

and @kaihansen i know i could have it shipped without the case i'm asking if that's a bad idea or if guitar center will pack it well enough that that will not be necessary.
It just depends on where the guitar is located and how long it will be in transit.

I'd recommend a case because, well, it is an acoustic and you'd probably need one eventually.