Okay so i have had a Dean 7 string guitar for about 8 months now, and i really regret spending 1,300 bucks on it. the floyd rose is unruly, even compared to the exact same setup on a different guitar. The paint job looks like the person was about 5 minutes from break and trying to rush through it. The paint also chips easily, leaving it to look like i am very uncareful with it.

anyway i was looking to sell it on ebay and get a new one. I want to get this guitar (the link) but i have never tried it out. could someone who has tell me how it is, or suggest a good 7 string for me to get?


by the way if it matters I play music that sounds like meshuggah, but we dont tune as low and we do more melodic stuff too. kinda like opeth with a little black metal and then some crazy twist like smooth jazz.

secondary question - bands that use 7 string guitars.
the ltd sc607 should be a good bet, i mean my 207 is pretty mean, so im only going by ltd standards that the 607 will surpass it thousands of times over
ive never really played that many seven strings but my buddy has a 7-string yamaha and it seems like a good guitar. It was also very reasonably priced.
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Are you wanting a guitar without a FR? or just with a better one than the dean?

I would go with a Ibanez RG1527, but if you are looking to splash out again you could even go with a Iby Universe

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schecter c7 hellraiser was my personal favorite. ibanez seems to be popular with 7 strings, unearth uses 7 string ibanez's
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fender mexican fat strat (discontinued)
mesa triple recto
digitech grunge
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The best one ive every played was the Jeff Loomis Sig Shecter.......it is the best 7 string out at the moment
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ibanez makes alot of em. schecter. esp. it depends on your price. im buying a schecter soon.

and bands are
divine heresy.
white chapel.
just go to the guitars website and find out who uses em.