So I just recently purchased a Gibson Maestro (I know... but it's a Gibson for fairly cheap...) and I was reading through here and I saw one person say that an amp affects the sound more than the guitar. Well, this should have occured to me earlier, but I'm still reletively new. All that came with the Gibson was a little weiner amp, and I'm pretty sure that's not what I need.

So what I'm asking you is what's a halfway decent amp that isn't hugely expensive? I've always been confused about the amp situation. I'm looking for one that can give me a sound similar to Sevenfolds self-titled CD. I'm looking for one around $150 if possible, but all suggestions are welcome. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
You'll get the most helpful replies if you post this in the GG&A section of the forum.

To make this post a bit more useful, I'd recommend looking at a Roland Cube of some sort (preferably a Microcube or a 30 if you can afford it). The Cubes are great little amps and even if you buy a bigger, more expensive amp later on, they're still nice to keep around as a practice amp.

Also, check out some of the smaller Vox amps.

Alternatively, you may want to save up a little more before you get a new amp.
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