Hi guys,
According to you what's the best guitar for progressive rock for a price under 700$ (300£?
Anything with a Sustainer...but idk if they do some under 700$

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anything really, progressive isnt very picky
however once i get the funds together http://thumbnail.image.rakuten.co.jp/@0_mall/ebisound/cabinet/guitar_edwards/e-cy-165ctm.jpg

BAM! 27 frets of pure awesome
an SG with P-90s. put a DiMarzio super distortion in the neck and you can do ANYTHING! and define prog rock. prog rock in the style of yes and asia is gonna be different from prog rock in the style of dream theater
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Can Epiphone les Paul Standard be a good choice for progressive rock?
I heard that you can't even reach 20 case of high E!!!!!
The Epi LP should be a good choice. The higher fret access can be a bit of a trouble for some though. In that case, you should look at a nice Ibanez/Fender Strat/Schecter/Jackson

everything with humbuckers work, sort of.
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I don't like ibanez and fender strat can't handle hi-distorsion!!!!

since when?

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Well for me is for blues. When it comes to progressive rock i think they aren't the best for that but Agile or Tokai Les Paul are better than epi ones????