hey guys ive been playing guitar now for nearly two years now however i dont practise all that much tbh.
Ive always have the problem om what to practise its always been too hard or too easy i manly play metal i cant really play many solos.
and it put me off learning a song if i cant play the solo aswell.
so could you guys recomend me a few easyish metal songs with easyish solos
i just need to to start practisng again otherwise im never gonna be able to play the harder stuff.
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some older avenged sevenfold stuff (they dont generalyl have solos)'

like unholy confessions, and we come out at night
Paranoid by Black Sabbath is a great starter.

Also The Trooper by Iron Maiden, the first solo has just like 4 parts to it that you should be able to work up to speed once you get them down.
The best way to get out of a rut is to put that style of music down for a few days - try something new. You may find yourself learning new things, going over to the style completely, or learning you really loved the old music better. It's the best way to cure a rut.
Enter Sandman is an easy and fun one. The solo is a little tough though.
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Quote by WARNINGnimrod12
Enter Sandman is an easy and fun one. The solo is a little tough though.

this is a easy song, only has about 5 parts plus the solos.
i tot my nephue this song in 4 hours
Seek and Destroy - Metallica
Domination - Pantera
Guerrilla Radio - Rage Against the Machine