I just found this amp used for sale ($600) and was looking for some input on whether the price is good and about the amp itself. Ive really been struggling to find a decent tube amp in my price range ($600 absolute tops) to ask for for the holidays.
I play mostly Metal (Megadeth is what im most into right now) along with a decent amount of hard rock, classic rock, and prog rock. Would this amp be good for these things
im replacing a borrowed Crate 15w that no longer suits my playing. My guitar is currently an Epiphone LP but im looking to get a new guitar soon.

Thanks for the input,
It would certainly do all of those things well. The XXX series is very versatile. They have active equalizers, though, so they function a bit differently from your regular tube amp in that they can both boost and cut certain frequencies.
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That is a good deal on a great amp.

These amps are very versatile, and very good sounding. Great cleans and really heavy gains, although you may want to futz with the EQ a bit, you see, as the EQ is active which means the controls are responsive to one another. The amp as a brighter tone in contrast to the dark fizziness of a 5150, however, it is really good sounding. I highly recommend it.
i agree with the previous posters that it will do everything you are looking for...i'm not sure about the price thou...then again i have never shopped for a combo...maybe some of the other xxx owners can chime in on if thats ball park $$$
i just got the 60 watt version 2 weeks ago and its pretty good , really got to sit down with it and tweak. i got my for around 500 so it seems like a pretty good deal id say go for it