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Just recently I bought a brand new Ibanez RG4EXQM1. After bringing it home and playing for a while, I realized that whenever a note on my guitar was fretted higher than the 12 fret, it rung out flat. This was happening before I had even adjusted the guitar. I have the model with the Edge III tremolo system ( I know) so at first I thought it was a tuning problem. After tuning to perfect pitch multiple times, it would still ring out flat. Then I tried to raise the bridge of the guitar and retune, but that didn't work. I have yet to adjust the truss rod because I would rather not go that route if I dont have to. I have asked my teacher to take a look at it, but he had no idea what the problem was either. Any help guys?
The truss rod and bridge height do affect intonation, but they're not used to adjust it. For that, the bridge saddles have to be adjusted.
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I am so happy you posted because it lead to me to reading it finally.
Not i know how to adjust a fixed bridge's saddles.

Its the only think ive had confusion on guitar setup.
I commend you for a fne job.

Btw TS i recommend you sit down and read her thread.
Wait your guitar teacher had no idea why you were flat past the 12th fret? Might be time to get a new teacher
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