anyone use xubuntu? It comes with multiple free software to record with such as ardour (like pro tools), and then additional beat / drum software -

My main computer is a linux computer, xubuntu studio. I'd really like to setup recording on this guy; but i have never recorded or messed with recording software.

Ideally id like to record acoustic and electric and sing - budget is under 700$$

Should i get a bundled deal, like with studio monitors and all? Why do i need monitors, just to listen to what i record in great quality?

If nobody here uses xubuntu then i may not, just cuz i imagine ill need support; but it seems like a great software suite.


It's good...but Linux in general is tough to find good software (all I really found was Hydrogen) and tougher to find manufacturer support or drivers, especially for anything that isn't KDE or Gnome. It really is a better idea to go with Windows or Mac to get a broader range of stable support (and plugins) if you are going to do recording of any instruments.

There's also Musix, a separate distribution, which should have lots of stuff to try out.
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i've been using Linux for about a year now and its great for the internet/office stuff.
definatly wouldn't recommend it for studio work though, i put in so much effort trying to get that working.
ultimatly, hardware support is very patchy and the programs aren't that good yet. i mean, Ardour is the flag-ship for linux audio, claiming to be pro-grade software and it doesn't have MIDI support?? seriously, uncool. and before anyone mentions it, no, using JACK to route Hydrogen or that accursed Rosegarden into Ardour is not a sollution, its a crappy work-around for a crappy problem. keeping track of 3 different programs, on top of any synths you need to route in is definatly not a pro way to do things.

it'll be a few years before linux audio gets anywhere decent.