It's on there ^^

I don't actually personally know the guy who did the vocals but we met each other on dmusic and we thought we'd try this song as its challenging. It's all acoustic btw no lead parts. I think my mixing could of been better but let me know what you think please. I know it's a long track but try listen to the "rain down on me part" best bit of the song.
wow.. not bad at all. Cant say I love the vocals, but im still really impressed. Id like to see a little more vibrato in the singing. Maybe some of the electric guitar parts that are in the origional =). But honisty for a song being posted on UG this is fantastic! 5/5
damn! i like this a lot, the guitars and vocals are both done really nicely. only thing i could suggest is turning down the vocals a bit, as they can become a little too much when they're loud.
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very surpised you only been playing since 2007, nice progress man, good voice too