ya i love this amp but im not sure how to get amazing tube tones from it
i am into punk rock metal hard rock and alternative

i looked at the ultimate settings thread and tried some of them out but it doesnt sound anything near to what i want it to sound like

oh ya the amp didnt come with a footswitch soo i dunno what footswitches will work with my amp and GC told me they had no more b52 footswitches....
gain 7-10

contour at around 3 or 4

bass at around 9 or 10

mid at around 2 or 3

high at around 7-10
Put all knobs at 12 o'clock, turn both directions to see what it does to the sound while you're palm muting or something, then stop when you like it where it's at. Not hard to EQ an amp

As for the footswitch, if you paid full price, demand that they order you one or give it to you cheaper because that amp is supposed to come with one.
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lol my personal fav setting is:

Gain 1:
Gain 7
Low 5
Mid 4
High 7
Contour off

Gain 2:
Gain 10
Low 7
Mid 3
High 6
Contour on @ 5

Low 5
Mid 8
High 6
Bright Switch on

on all channels I have my low res at 6. And soon I'll have an eq in the efx loop for some more toolesque mids
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