Ok, I can pretty much do the hendrix rhythm guitar tricks using major chords (which I learnt from justinguitar.com ) But the problem is, what do I do for a minor? Please help.
search minor chords on google. Oh and if your a begginer go for guitar lessons.
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you need to find minor chord shapes that you can get a good voicing for, but at the same time leave you pinky, or maybe another finger open to hit those notes on which you do those "twiddly things"
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ok, thanks. I'll try that
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Learn Little Wing. Or, if you're in the mood for another band, Yellow Ledbetter, by Pearl Jam. Both use barre chords with the pinkie doing hammer ons and pull offs. Sounds really cool, once you get it right. Anyways, those two songs will give you loads of shapes you can use when you're improvising.