I was making these two hollow body arch tops for a couple projects I was into, one was going to be a lefty quilt maple top acoustic electric I was building for a friend but he decided he didn't have the dough to have it finished the other was just something I wanted to try out for myself. I might make the left a double cutaway and make it a right handed guitar for myself. I really love the grain. These are the first attempts I have ever tried to build this type of guitar all my other projects/customs were solid bodies. I was wondering how hard it would be to make the quilt top into a semi hollow body? I kind of have an idea about what I can do but can't find much info out there.

They are still pretty much rough cut and need a little more work.

Very pretty.

EDIT: I can't really answer your question though.
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if you want a semi hollow guitar and that top you have to route out from the bottom and then buy another cap and stick it on there
trace the shape of the body you want onto your top, and transpose that onto a full-size body blank. cut our your body from the blank. from there, leave about half an inch around the outside, and rout out your marked cavities. you can pre-wire your electronics, and glue the top on (supreme style) without an elevctronics cavity on the rear.

Thanks guys for the great suggestions. I have no problem building solid body guitars and I thought of Gibson and they way thay make a chambered guitar body. But like I said before this is a new ball game for me. I can't wait to put a finish on the quilt top. Unfinished the 3d effect the grain has is amazing. I never realized how much more work goes into an acoustic guitar.