currently have a Factory APMic pickup on my Acoustic guitar, but im going to be getting a trinity western system, which combines both a pickup and internal mic to capture all that percussion (slapping the guitar body) like Andy Mckee does in Drifting. Heres the link to the new system im getting.... http://www.kksound.com/trinitywestern.html

Can anyone push me in a direction of some tutorials on how to install this baby?

It says i need to glue the 3 pickup heads onto the bridge plate like so ... http://www.kksound.com/images/products/purewesternmini.jpg
Does this mean its going to interfere with the existing pickup under the saddle? ie will it have to be removed?

Any help appreiated!
the manuals on the site do a pretty good job of explaining how to install it, i would remove the old pickup before you do anything, that'll make everything easier as you wont have a ton of space in there to work.

as for materials, i would use epoxy, maybe 20min set, and make sure the surfaces you're bonding are really really clean before you glue them. dont use a ton of epoxy either, you'll want to have the pickup moving as naturally as possible in the body. using a ton of glue could change how it sounds, probably for worse.
im a blues man, but a good man, understand?
Ultimately what id like to do is operate two systems and blend them in! That is the APMic current system with the mic turned maybe 1/10 up and the trinity western system with a majority the mic being used to capture those percusive elements but i dont if i can do this as there could be some sorta interference?