Im planning on getting a new guitar around the beginning of next year, and id like some suggestions. Here is what im looking for. Id either like a guitar shaped like a V,X, or any other crazy shape. If not id like a shape similar to jackson soloist.

Some other things im looking for

- Neck Thru
- 2 humbuckers
- No floyd rose or other tremolo
- Pointed Headstock

Budget $600-$900

Also im really interested in the Ibanez Xpt700fx
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check out some of the b.c. rich guitars. they've probably got something similar to what you're looking for.
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gibson xplorer is pretty damn good. It's emg pickups give it a beastly sound and it looks so sweet. May have to go down to the epiphone version for tht money tho, not tried one of them to be honest.
The Xiphos has the same shape as the Jackson warrior..
You might check that out ... some of the warrior models have better stuff on them
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im not going to tell you image is nothing. you should like the way your guitar looks. you should try out a body style and see how it feels to hold before deciding though. Vs are uncomfortable for many to play sitting down and you might find that a cool looking bevel or point on the side of a guitar is right where your right forearm or right hip goes or that its neck heavy or the output jack is in a bad place or many other things. theres a reason most guitars are generally close in shape and some extreme designs may compromise comfort for the looks. just make sure youre not sacrificing too much functionallity for looks.
Get the 700FX. D Activators, Awesome finish, neck-thru = awesome metal axe. And it looks sexy as hell.