...teenagers tastes in music can change or completely dissappear because of hormones? if so do you think it can be permanent?
what do you mean?

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In 5 years I've gone from a Die-Hard Linkin Park fan to a DIE-HARD Beatles fan... it can change
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Normally, the music you listen to as a teenager changes as you become an adult.

The style of music you end up listening to begins to cement in your mid to late 20s when most people don't even bother exporing new music.
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If it does change, it shouldn't bother you because you will still enjoy what you hear. So don't worry.
Music tastes can change.. obviously; but whether that is down to hormones i dont know.. I dont think it is. I think it is due to a lot of factors.. but mainly just naturally what you like, in the brain.. and through 'enviromental' factors.. such as what your mates like.. and what a certain image is.
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Not sure it's down to hormones, except perhaps in a round about way, (e.g. hormones have an effect on your life anyway, thus end up effecting your musical taste), but it definitely changes. My sister went from having great taste to liking Scouting For Girls. Why?!
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i asked this question because i like queen and jimi hendrix and the feeling i got from listening before is'nt ther anymore i really,really dont want it to go
Well, if you constantly listen to Queen and Jimi without listening to anything else, the feeling might lessen. Try to listen to some other stuff for a while and then go back to those two.
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It's not because of hormones, it's because your personality is forming and changing.

Yeah, ditto. This and maybes you just get bored of the same style of music after a while.
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i'd say listen to other stuff if the other stuff is getting boring. then go back to it.
I think the people you hang around are what mainly can change your music tastes.
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