I'm currently teaching myself how to play, and picked up a Fender Acoustic/electric a few months ago. I love it, and I'm having quite a bit of fun with it. I have found myself wanting to pick up an Electric to get a whole new range of sounds, and went looking for ideas tonight. I found a used Les Paul Ultra at Guitar Center for $300, and I'm thinking of going back tomorrow to possibly pick it up. I'm still new with guitars, and knowing if it is a good deal or not, and would appreciate any opinions about this. Here is a link to the guitar-


Thanks in advance for any info
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thats a fantastic deal, if it's actualy a gibson

Well, it's an epi. It's a decent deal, and it's definitely a good first guitar.

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Yeah, I'd go with it if it's in good condition.
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The Epiphone les paul speical ll is a good choice, but that les paul ultra may be better. just play both and see which one you get the best feel from.
its an epi. lespaul they're ood begginer intenediate guiatrist guitars. man g o pick it up. but what music do you play and what amp do you have?
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Right before I posted this, I called GC to see if they could hold it for me till tomorrow (which they are), but I still wanted to get some feedback from those experienced with guitars. As far as condition goes, I could not find anything wrong with it that I had seen while looking at it. I was half tempted to just pick it up when I first saw it, but I'm the type that likes to do at least a little research on an item before pulling the trigger on it.

Now I'm very much looking forward to going back up there tomorrow.

I would probably most use it to play Rock, Classic rock and the such.

As far as an Amp goes, I'm probably going to with with a simple 10w, or 15w starter just for now. I picked up a Line6 Spider 3 for my daughter, but thats a Christmas present (to go with a bright pick Daisy Rock electric guitar). I will for sure be upgrading the amp later, but I just want a little practice amp under $100.
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That looks great, I'd go for it!
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That's a great deal, but you might want to replace pickups later.
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I would say "good buy"

Mahog body, Maple neck, few upgrades later on, it's a very playable guitar...

Would suggest a different amp as well... Roland Cube or Vox AD series...very small would work...
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If your gonna get that guitar don't get that amp. A good guitar with a crap amp is crap. A $50 chinese copy guitar with a good amp sounds sweet.
I personally think everybody's first guitar should be a used fender mexican strat(250-325$)
because i think it is one of few guitar on the market that is UNDERpriced.

however that sounds like a goo d deal for an lp ultra, dont worry to much about cosmetic damage, that just gives the guitar charector.
You may want to re-think the Ultra and get a Standard instead.

The reasons are quite simply:
1) The pretty gold hardware that the Ultra has is actually pretty cheap, and will rub off very quickly.
2) It's other hardware and electronics are no different then the stuff you get on Standards.
3) It's almost completely hollow inside, so it sounds very different to other Les Paul style guitars. In fact it almost sounds like a semi-hollowbody guitar (because well, that's exactly what it is, minus the f-holes). The tone is something of an 'acquired taste'.

Generally I would suggest that the Epi Ultra and Ultra-II are good guitars, but only if you really know what you're after and you're sure that the unusual tones they give are exactly what you want. If really you just want a nice Les Paul, you're much better off buying an Epi Standard, or a mid-range Vintage, Rally, Agile, ESP or Tokai copy.
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i say go for it...its a very nice starter guitar and sooner or later everyone gets a new guitar or just stops playing. As for the amp, I think its a half decent little practice amp, gets alot of different tones with effects. I'm not saying they're "good" amps, but I'm in the process of looking for a nice tube combo (I've tried traynors, marshalls, peaveys, ashdowns, bugeras), and while in a music store I was just fiddling with a 15w spider and said to myself, "hmmm this is pretty bearable". Plus when i was a beginner I couldn't tell the difference between a tube and SS, most can't, and everyone upgrades from their first amp too.
Hope this helped!
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