Well in a few days im going to be going to look at a new guitar and my first amp, and im wondering which amps i should be looking at. I will mostly be practicing on my own i think for right now and maybe a little playing with my friedn down the street.

Anyways i think im going to be looking at some epiphone lespaul studios or standards or something like that and not sure which amps to look at any help?

P.S. my price range will probably be from 100-300 or so not too sure

For a first amp, I usually recommend a micro cube. It fits within your budget, and leaves you some money to spend on your guitar. It also happens to be friggin' awesome.

Micro cube on musiciansfriend

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$100-300? or some other currency

What kind of stuff will you be playing, or what sort of music do you listen to most?

Also, shameless plug but if you get a chance, before you jump to epiphone les pauls, check out the PRS tremonti SE, it's a great les paul styled guitar which in my opinion is better made than the epiphones.
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The cube is a good amp, also try out a Peavey Vypyr.


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Others have already mentioned good choices, out of the ones mentioned, here's what I'd pick:

1. Micro Cube
2. Vox VT-15
3. Vypyr 15

But those 3 are all very good starter amps.

Guitar wise, for your price range, maybe check out Agile Guitars?
Personally i think you should get the Vypyr 30W. It has more features than the 15W and if you do go jamming it won't be completely drowned out. And its quiet enough for home practise too. And definately stay far away from spiders!

As for guitars Cort mae some nice cheap ones.
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