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It looks nice and everything says it plays well...

But besides that what else should i get all i have now is a pack of picks varying through diff sizes and my acoustic...would a can amp be okay to use for awhile witht hat guitar and what else would i need for this electric?
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[quote="'[[BurnTheDusk"]]']No guitar related questions.
Bring it to the Electric Guitar Forum.


Dude... He's a new member, and this is a question. Ok so he made a mistake, all you have to do is tell him that...

Why waste moderator's time?! This is hardly ground-shaking is it.
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[quote="'[[BurnTheDusk"]]']No guitar related questions in this forum.
Bring it to the Electric Guitar Forum.

thanks for directing him to the correct place, but it is not necessary to report minor things in this forum. it moves pretty slowly so we get to everything quick enough. just report blatant advertising threads, porn, gore, etc that should be dealt with asap, and don't worry about little bits of spam or threads that are in the wrong place we'll see them soon enough.
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