I'm getting ready to start gigging.. (not really, but I still need a tuner pedal)

Right not I'm looking at the boss TU-2 chromatic tuner pedal . I want something quick and accurate, nothing that takes more than a second to "update" if you know what I mean.

price range $80 - $120
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Korg Pitch Black. Google it.

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get the pitch black
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Korg Pitch Black. Google it.

No contest.
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I'm not sure if anyone else has said it, but..

Korg Pitch Black.


But yeah, its more accurate than the TU-2. And its a lot easier to see on dark stage.

And its just straight up sexier.
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I looked up the korg pitch black, i like

thanks boys
Mesa Single Rectifier
Marshall 1960A vintage
Rg3exfm1 w/ EMG 85/81
Big Baby Taylor Acoustic
Ibanez TS808
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^buy the korg.

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I've had a TU-2 since I began playing, so I'm a bit biased to that.

Although, my pal has a Pitchblack and it's really nice, so I'd say either is good.