Hey, so my guitar is perfectly fine when it's tuned to standard tuning with 10's.

However, when I drop the tuning to Dropped C, theres fret buzz. If I bump up the strings to 11 gauges, will it fix the fret buzz?
swap one string at a time.

if it's a trem, expect the bridge to lift a little at the ass end.

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its a string thru guitar, so... yah...

If your bass strings are buzzing, go with skinny top heavy bottoms. If all of your strings seem to be buzzing, go for some beefy slinkies.

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if you're switching back and forth from standard to c standard that probably isn't the best thing for your guitar... if you are keeping it in c standard i would get it set up at a music store because a guitar needs to be set up when changing tunings that drastically (same goes for string gauges)