I have a list of stuff I'd like to use, stuff that I've tried and stuff that I own. i have everything laid out in a specific chain, but i don'w know if i should make any adjustments. I'd especially welcome comments of the - change-this-to-this-position/use this instead of that/reviews of specifically NON-Bass pedals used with a bass guitar/helpful or cool setting - vein of comments. Also, does anyone know about a really high-quality coupling cables set, pedalboard or channel switcher (preferrably 2-channel)?

My chain is:

Channel Switcher
Out 1 - To pedalboard
Out 2 - To Tuner (Ibanez HardWire Chromatic Tuner)

1 - Boss GEB-7 Bass EQ (EQ)
2 - ElectroHarmonix Bass Metaphors (Drive/Compressor)
3 - MXR El Grande Bass Fuzz (Drive)
4 - MXR Bass BlowTorch (Drive)
5 - CoffinCase BloodDrive (Drive)
6 - DigiTech Bass Driver (Drive)
7 - DigiTech DF7 Distortion Factory (Drive)
8 - DigiTech XBC Bass Chorus (Modulation)
9 - Boss BF-3 Flanger (Modulation)
10 - DigiTech Bass Synth Wah (Modulation)
11 - Boss RE-21 Space Echo (Delay/Reverb)
12 - RockTron Utopia Bass Wah (Modulation)
13 - Boss Giga-Delay
14 - Boss GEB-7 Bass EQ (EQ)

To Another Channel Switcher To Switch Clean/Dirty On Amp Settings (I'll be using and Ampeg Tube Amp Head, and I really dig the tube distortion)

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Too much Digitech
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I showed somebody the list, and he said to much dirt. But tehres a reason for everyone of them. thanks for the complement, and Dave... YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH DIGITECH.
I've heard great things about Lava Cables and George L Cables. I'd have a hard time finding a use for all those distortion pedals... Anyway, I'd put the delays at the very end (well, before the last EQ pedal) so as to incorporate the wah into the delay, not vice versa. Just the way I like to do things.
Didn't think about that. *Edits Post*


Those Lava Cables look pretty cool, but I'm really effy about the whole cable kit thing. they also have a really cool A/B/Y selector, but I'm not sure it'd work out for what I need it. A basic A/B/Y selector would be better.
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