So, I'm kind of in the market for a new guitar, and I thought I'd ask all of you guys what your opinions are on 'em.

I've been playing for about two years, been using a Jackson DXMG with passive EMG's and, overall, have been pretty happy with it. But, the bridge is a bitch to set up and restring (plus tuning changes) and some of the knobs are staring to break on me, so I figured I'd begin looking around at what's available.

I got into Opeth a while ago and loved the tone that Mike can get out of his PRS's; this would be the ideal guitar, but of course, seeing as how my cash is going to college, I can't go dropping half my bank account on one...I thought about trying their SE Custom, but I wasn't sure if it was really that great, especially since the Jackson has really been better than I expected. So I was wondering if anyone has a PRS SE custom that they could possibly give a quick rundown of as far as how it's holding up and such.

On the other hand, I love the look of the Flat Grey (with gold binding) ESP Eclipse (I'd have to go for the LTD...) and was wondering if anyone has had a lot of success with their "SE" line so-to-speak.

I've been hearing mixed reviews regarding all of Epi's stuff, but more positive than negative. Of course, if you're going to record a pro record, you want the studio quality Gibson, but for all practical uses, is there really that much difference between Epi and Gibson?

As far as what I'd be doing with it; I listen to Metal, and a lot of it, but I love playing clean stuff as well, the passive EMG's really aren't half bad through my FX unit on cleans, so I'm not exactly sure if I want to bump up to the active 85/81 set because of how it might affect the cleans, because I've heard that they're a lot more "trebly" and harsh on the cleans than some....(As far as artists go, think: Agalloch, Daylight Dies, Opeth, Insomnium, Swallow the Sun, Dream Theater....)

Just throwing this out there, hopefully someone's got some experience with these guitars that they can share....

Active EMGs do not handle cleans well IMO.

We need more info - what is your budget? Any more specifics that you want besides no tremolo?
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I would also appreciate a ballpark budget estimate...

What Fx unit do you have??

Also, what kind of amp do you have?? On a big budget, the amp is more important than the guitar in regards to the total sound...
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Sorry for assuming that the type of guitar set the budget....I'm probably looking at between 500 and 800 (US) Dollars...

As far as the FX unit, I've got a POD 2.0 from...line 6...haha. I've actually been pretty pleased with how it's held up as far as being the "head" for the crap amp I have that I just use as the speaker. The cleans work out pretty darn well, especially when I run it through my computer for recording purposes.

I'm not planning to purchase a new amp anytime really soon, but I do have my sights set on a small boogie combo amp, possibly a Lone Star, somewhere down the line.

As far as the specifics that you guys wanted to know (thanks for the interest btw) but I'd like a 24 fret neck, pref. thin, don't really care what the pickup set up is, though a split coil or tapped coil option would be nice, a single volume and tone is really all I was looking for....

I really just wanted to know if anyone had any personal experience with PRS's SE line as well as the quality of Epi's, but maybe with the above you'll be able to recommend something else....

I've had my PRS SE Standard for about a year now, and I've got no complaints. It's holding up fine, and I'm not easy on it. Worth every penny imo.

ESPs are good guitars too, I've never heard a bad thing about them.

What about Schecters? Have you looked at them? I've played a few moderately priced Schecters and I've been reasonably impressed with them.

Dean has a line similar to the PRS SE line, and they are awesome, I wish I could remember the model names... The Siltero is one of them, & there's one more...

As far as actives & cleans go, My LP copy has actives and it handles cleans just fine.

Good luck,
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