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ugh, you cant rape someone with a pineapple because that would assume that someone doesnt want to have sex with a pineapple, which is impossible

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oh yeah

i cum blood

i actually think its a full step down

think thats just half a step
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think thats just half a step

just checked the tabs and it says half a step down.

looks like i was wrong.

I thought that for once, i cum blood would have been a useful answer to a question on UG. Too bad.
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Its not about the Radio its about talent, the front man has a bigger vocal range than Micheal Jackson and he can sing from heavey metal to high pitched ...No.12 on the top 20 under rated guitarists of ALL TIME...etc

1-Bloodavian 0-Forkman.

the rest of the all that remains discography :P
most older children of bodom
last to know by bullet...
Quote by David_Bowie=GOD
just checked the tabs and it says half a step down.

looks like i was wrong.

I thought that for once, i cum blood would have been a useful answer to a question on UG. Too bad.

haha sorry to of ruined your answer
I just guessed as Hammer Smash is half step and that is teh track before on the same album.
second the mastodon

alot of their songs are in D standard.

check out capallarian crest or megalodon
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Too Many to list.
a perfect circle i think most of their songs are. for example judas

I'm pretty sure they use drop B and/or 1 1/2 step down.
And I take it you mean Judith?
(I'm not meaning to be a dick - sorry if thats what it seams like)

I think Metallica's version of Whiskey in the Jar is in 1 step down...
Winds of Creation - Decapitated
Forsaken - Dream Theater
Lack Of Comprehension - Death
Crossing The Rubicon - The Human Abstract
Verse Chorus Verse--Nirvana

Its the outtake version that starts out "Neither side is sacred, no one wants to win)
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EDIT: plus Endless Sacrifice for Dream Theater.
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Yo wassup, I'm trying to expand my musical horizons if you know what I mean, so can anybody reccomend me some cool Juggalo jazz?
if it hasnt been posted already(too lazy to read 3 pages of this)
Take it out on me - bullet for my valentine is a whole step down and its easy to learn
Most Dizzy Mizz Lizzy songs i've heard is in D standard
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Metalicer!!!! Krik Halmet!!!!1
Deftones play in Drop Db.

Bayside plays D Standard, that is if youre into that. I also listen to them alongside Necrophagist and The Human Abstract =p
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Learn the entire First Strike Still Deadly record by Testament. That should keep you more than busy.
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You know there's software that can tune a song up or down, and still keep the original tempo.

Like Soundforge... Most of the songs i play at home are standard E, and i'm tuned to Eb.
#69 many idiots have posted in this thread
D Standard is NOT the same as Eb Standard or Drop D

TS - Some Metallica (Sad But True?), Most BFMV (As you mentioned :shrug, Mastodon, Children of Bodom
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lol both of those are half a step down Eb Ab Db Gb Bb eb

1 step down is D G C F A D

All Motley Crue pretty much if you wanna learn any hair/glam.
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P.O.D. used primarily D Standard and Drop C.

you can also just play some E & Eb standard songs in D and they sound heavier.
Almost every Motley Crue song except home sweet home if youre into them. And i see you like all that remains, everything off their album The Fall of Ideals is in drop d. Also like someone said before, try out drop C, waking the demon is in that tuning
clouds over california by devil driver is pretty good,
Gojira owns too, rembrance, oroborus are two good ones
sad but true by metallica
Dr Feel Good by Motley Crue, i think a lot of there songs are actually tuned down 1 step
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Dream Theater's "Forsaken" and "A Rite of Passage" are down a whole step both songs are fun and easy for the rhythm but the solo's and sweeps are insane, especially on A rite of Passage, but alot of fun to play