how would you guys recommend getting spray paint off my jcm900

its on the tolex on the top and the grill on the front where the marshall logo is?
awww damn! Why did you do that??? If you didn't sorry... But seriously, get a mid based stripper from your local hardware store and peel that **** off! You have a lot of work on your hands! You'll need to strip it at least 3 times! Don't get the high test though, it will ruin your toltex! Why did you paint or buy a painted cab??? Bad move man!
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!
acetone might work but im not sure if it will mess with the tolex
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i got it as a gift and the paint has been on there for what seems like a LONG TIME

will that work for the grille on the front too?
also its on the head not the cab and the spray paint doesnt cover the hole area its just a couple of stars that were done really bad and would definitely defeat the purpose of trying to look tough on stage