Anybody do any metal songwriting like me? I've wrote maybe around 12 metal songs and just wanted to see if anyone else did some.
I do thrash metal(kinda like Metallica) it's it comes fairly easy to me. I dunno why, though.
i try, but i've only got like 3 riffs, im trying to learn the minor harmonic scale right now
To me, sometimes riffs are hard to come by AFTER I write lyrics. It's like you have to find a riff to fit the vocals and so the song may not be as good as it could be. But, whatever, I use that technique and it works for me just fine.
yer i ve done a few but i havent written any lyrics. anyone got any simple steps to writing if there are any??
I mosh continuosly
1. Pick a topic.
2. Pick a song name(optional, I pick a song name first, so it's easier to make lyrics)
3. Start writing.