I'm a beginning guitarist only playing guitar since July and this has been my site to go to since i started playing. The lessons here are amazing and really insightful, without them I wouldn't even touch my guitar. I practice for 2-5 hours of just looking up tabs or look at what my school guitar teacher gives me... i get alot time cause i ignore my homework but now i'm at the point that i love my guitar and i WANT TO GET OVER 9000 TIMES BETTER!! What i want to know is that i'm making a schedule and i want things to practice... chords, scales, music theory, phrasing, string skipping, songs anything that can improve my technique.
i am to take a music theory class in my highschool in my junior year(now i'm a freshman) so i want to go in with alot of knowledge and be a greater player... my musical library of bands i like r sum 41, blink 182, alien ant farm, plus 44, foo fighters, weezer, josephine collective, muse, gob, papa roach, treble charger, disturbed, thousand foot krutch, drowning pool, system of a down, hoobastank, green day, i set my friends on fire, bowling for soup, gallows, simple plan, story of the year, my chemical romance, new found glory, simple plan, cartel, good charlotte, bowling for soup, escape the fate, the operation md, daft punks, matchbox20, good shoes, brown brigade, rage against the machine, the fall of troy, iron maiden, set your goals, tenacious D, bloc party, beastie boys, four year strong, slipknot, sonic syndicate, metallica, anti-flag, tantric, the ramones, avenged sevenfold, nofx, big d and the kid table, the used, orange range, asian kung-fu generation, the offspring and many more and i want to become like them.. so anything will help! thank u in advance..
first off... SLOW DOWN!! Most of the bands you listed make easy songs, some of them make really hard songs! Take a step back... who are you... what kind of axeman do YOU want to be? You are going at this too hard! Take stock of yourself and who you are, repost after you have thought about this, give it like a week or two... think!
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