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Hestons Hands
1 6%
Crotch Elixer
6 38%
Pissing Vegetable
1 6%
Pounding Haze
4 25%
**** Pump
1 6%
Awesome Nixon
1 6%
Encrusted Crap
1 6%
Ivory Ass
1 6%
Voters: 16.
hi ppl,
i am currently just a solo dude, who likes to record random stuff. anyway, i have decided to go for a really immature name.
it would b great if you could all vote for which of the following names you like most.
your help is much appreciated

You can also listen to my music at www.myspace.com/projecthayzy tell me what you think
Crotch Elixer
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I hate trying to cover up my cheese in school because the bimbo next to me dislikes the smell of pure love.

I'm bringing farts back!
its all good clean humor. lol thanks for the votes. ill let it run for around a week i guess. then check it at the end. haha. ty ppls!
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atomic hump

are you fkn serious? thats actually not bad. lol. the gears in my head are starting to move. I also posted a poll on myspace (www.myspace.com/projecthayzy) and most votes are pointing towards Pounding Haze. hmmm..... ill wait a lil longer i think.,