I need to purchase a new guitar cable. Well, honestly, I just want a new one. The Classic Monster I have now is constantly winding and kinking on me.

Do you know of a cable that won't do that? Or do they all do that? I never wind the damned thing up so I cant figure why it keeps wrapping around itself. Its not like I am jumping around or anything when I am playing.

But, back to the thread title...

In your opinion(s) are the Dimarzio Cables any better than the Monster cables or are they about the same? I mean the Monsters with the metal ends. Not like the Classic that I have now.
And do the cables with the woven jackets serve any purpose other than durability?
Will they stop your cord from looping around itself?
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i use all planet waves cables and they don't do that
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I think the ones with the cloth jacket don't curl up like snakes... but... I'm not sure I have the rubber jacketed one.
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