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What tone is it that makes you absolutely cream your pants. I mean the tone that when you first heard it, it took you to another place. For me the tone is the intro solo to Still Got The Blues by Gary Moore. Also love the solo tone from November Rain. What tone does it for you?
1960's. Woman tone. Nuff' said.

That and SRV's tone.

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Neal Schon's tone in Timeless Motion. off one of his solo albums. although Lights has pretty awesome tone too.
Hmm, where to start?

The Van Halen Brown Sound? Pete Townshend's tone on "Live at Leeds"? Slash's tone on the GNR records? The snarling Telecaster tone on Hives albums? Malcolm Young's early Plexi tone during the Bon Scott era?

Also, a P-90 Les Paul Junior into a cranked JCM 800. Heaven!
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SRV Tone..dear god
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The new Santana god there is no better tone out there, just listen to Just Feel Better by Santana and you will understand.

Also I love Slash's tone in the first solo in Knockin' On Heaven's door.
Candlebox is another good one, I love Peter Klett's tone.
I'll also agree with everyone on the SRV tone, Little Wing gives me the chills every time cause he sounds so damn good in that song.
I think Carlos Santana always has consistently great tone.
IMO, his tone is better now than it was back in the '70s.
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the tone that Jeff Beck had in the recorded instrumental version of A Day In Life...Jack White because...i dont know i just love it...and Santana, his new **** more than his old one
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The slide guitar solo in "High Hopes" by Pink Flloyd is defenatlly number one on my list. (live is best).
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of The Mars Volta

Individual Songs:
"The Only Moment We Were Alone" - EITS
"Mr. Brightside" - The Killers
"White Rabbit" - Jefferson Airplane (the intro solo)
"Freshmen" - The Verve Pipe
"Under the Bridge" - RHCP
"Maggot Brain" - Funkadelic

But I definitely get all the Santana mentions. He does have brilliant tone.
Anything that comes out of a Marshall MG.
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SRV's tone on Couldn't Stand The Weather, Voodoo Child (at the El Mocambo).

Zakk Wylde's tone on No More Tears.

Nuno Bettencourt's tone on Decadence Dance.

And Chad Kroeger's tone on the opening of "Throw Yourself Away"

Yeah yeah, go ahead and laugh. I'm not skeeting over his guitar playing, just that badass Rectifier with a drop C guitar.
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i think the first time a guitar tone made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, oddly enough, was the guitar solo in Don't Bother Me, by the Beatles... i guess that must've been the first tone i liked when my ear for it developed.

though XTC have done that a lot since, Books are Burning end guitar solo (the smooth, round sounding les paul goldtop, not so much the sparkly telecaster licks) is one of those.
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Seriously though, there are no electric tones that I simply swoon to. They all have their own inadequacies.
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The tone that comes from a great player playing with this gear:



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MLF´s tone on "end of the beginning".
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Neil Young's tone on the Weld live album. Also, either Josh Homme or Troy Van Leeuwen on the lead in 'A Song For the Dead'. I don't know who plays it in that song, but they both have great tone all the time anyway.
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SRV - little wing and lenny
Slash - november rain and sweet child of mine
Adam jones - pretty much anything he plays
Kenny wayne shepard - blue on black (the solos)
And this. omfg
Gilbert's in I understand completely, the chorus. Oh...OH!!!!!!!!1
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John Petrucci - Glasgow Kiss
Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover
It's interesting to see what everybody thinks is good tone and realize even more so that tone is subjective. There are some here I really disagree with, but a few more I would like to add would be Eric Johnson "Cliffs of Dover" tone and Santana's tone on the "Game of Love" solos and on "Just Feel Better".
John Mayer's live tone is truly orgasmic, for me at least.

Brian May, SRV, Joe Bonamassa, and Larry Carlton are also right up there.
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Oh, I almost forgot Buddy Guy.
His tone is great, too.
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Any of David Gilmour's lead tones. And every, yes, every tone George, Paul, and John got with The Beatles.
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