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I'm watching Good Burger right now, and it's quite possibly the stupidest, and yet still funny, movies ever. Anyone else like Good Burger?

"Look! I'm Grape-Nose Boy! Bluebity, bluebity, bluebity, bluebity, bluebity, bluebity, bluebity, bluebity..."
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Good Burger is a good movie, I watched it at least 100 times in my childhood.
I bet it would be hilarious if you were high.
I'm at the part where they deliver food to Shaq. LOL.
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...WOAH! A clock!
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That might be the most 90's movie ever to 90's it up in the 90's.

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I've always wanted to shave a martian.

And Kurt is now both your mother and your father.
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I wanted a Good Burger with nothing on it.
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I have the VHS.

It's ****ing ORANGE.
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yeah, it's pretty much a stoner movie without any drug references. good shit
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I've seen it once when I was sick off school. It was amazing, never seen it since I heard Kenan and Kel got canceled because one of them got shot, that was the rumour going round in those days.

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Thats very odd because I was also watching it when i wondered across this thread!


This is possibly the BEST movie of all time. Too bad it's not available on DVD or VHS in Australia anymore
We're all dudes, hey!
Good Burger is a classic of modern cinema, my friends.

Do not under estimate the genius of Good Burger and its fine actors.

I'm serious.
ahhhhh I remember Good Burger...I saw that movie so many years ago. I love the scene with the grapes . Also where the other guy crashes into his teachers car.
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This threads making me hungry ...
Great film though.
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I bet Kurt would look interesting naked.

WHO SAID THAT!? Who talked while Kurt was talking!?
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The Burger Car is the Mirth Mobile. lol

I love that movie "I'm a dude! She's a dude! He's a dude! We're all dudes! Hey!"
too bad nick doesn't make stuff like that anymore
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I just wiki'd it and.. Woah! Kenan and Kel! Torrents, here I come!
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