I have absolutely no problem with friends coming by to strum on my guitar, but today a friend did that - put a dent in the top (albeit a very small dent, but still), and then asked if he could borrow it sometime.

Was it bitchy of me to tell him I won't let the guitar out of my sight? I know guitars are meant to be enjoyed and that some small dents aren't a big deal - but my guitar is only three months old, and I'd like to try to keep it nice for at least a little while.

Also, he's a complete beginner and doesn't know much about guitars, and after seeing the way he treated the guitar right in front of me, I have some concerns about how he'd treat it if I wasn't looking. I don't know if he realizes how fragile an acoustic guitar is.

The more I think about it, the more concerned I am about even having him come over to play around on it - I feel like I wouldn't get anything else done because I'd be watching him like a hawk the whole time... and that would be awkward for us both.

So? What are your policies on lending out instruments? Would you ever lend your guitar to a total noob?
I bring my guitar to band practice and my two best friends play on it. That's about it. I would only let someone I really trust take it out of my sight. And I let alot of people play it in front of me. But I am not afraid to tell them to give it back if they are making me uneasy. =P
If somebody wants to play my guitar, as long as they actually play, regardless of their skill, I'll let them.

No way in hell I would ever let somebody borrow my guitar. I would give away an old guitar to a friend who wanted to start, or sell them one, but borrow? Hell no.
would you let your friend take care of your baby for a day?
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if its a really good guitar, or has a lot of sentimental value, then its no problem...
but if its just another guitar, why not share it.
My art & lutherie I would let anyone play. My martin... I've been too lenient with my Martin. I keep letting my bassist play it even though he's the one who dinged up my A&L. I'm trying not to let people play it as often.

Here's the thing. Yes, guitars are meant to be enjoyed, but you're the one who payed for it. There's nothing wrong with not letting other people play it. Guitars are very personal items. I know that I would be devastated if my guitar were to be damaged.
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If somebody wants to play my guitar, as long as they actually play, regardless of their skill, I'll let them.

No way in hell I would ever let somebody borrow my guitar. I would give away an old guitar to a friend who wanted to start, or sell them one, but borrow? Hell no.

i agree.
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If you feel that uncomfortable about letting your friend borrow your guitar, then DONT do it. Screw whatever your friend thinks or says when you deny him. If you feel nervous about it, dont do it.

As for me. It would depend on the friend and how much respect they show for taking care of other peoples and their own stuff. I would let a good friend borrow my cheap guitar if they wanted to learn. My strat never. I only have 2 guitars and the strat is the good one. If I had multiple good guitars, maybe.
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Lots of people don't realize how expensive guitars are, they just throw them around like its a ****ing yo-yo.

I wouldn't give my guitar to any of my friends, hell, my roommate doesn't even know I have one cause I'm so secretive about it. He'd probably break it, if he knew where it was.
It really depends......if it's a guitar that I'm trying to preserve for some reason, I may not let SOME of the folks I know, play it or handle it, but as has been said, it depends on the requester.

I've been setting aside guitars for my grandsons, (just infants at the moment) to see if they develop an interest. Part of them "developing" that interest is going to be in letting them handle and mess with them. I'll have to let them handle them, for them to know if they want to play one or not.

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My 70's Sigma is up in Wisconsin, because I lent it to my ex to learn to play while we were still together, and she left me. So, that's my opinion: don't lend them out.
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The way I feel about it is that even though they are your friends they are going to treat your guitar like it's, well not theirs.

If I'm in the same place, in the exact room with them in my sight, sure they can strum a bit. But, letting them borrow it when I'm not there is a whole different story. I wouldn't take any chances.
Paying my own money for my guitar has something to do with that reasoning too.
This might sound ridiculous, but friendship doesn't matter to me too much. If I know them, and they don't have a bad reputation, and they're a good player with a guitar nicer than mine somewhere at home, go for it. because then they can empathize, and they've dealt with something nicer, and won't screw it up.
Seriously, can't you just tell him to be careful with it and tell him if he's not he'll have to pay a luthier to fix it. I borrow my guitars to my friends all the time and my best friend once dropped my acoustic and made a crack in the finish and a little bit of the wood. He just paid me the 50 bucks it cost me to get it fixed, it's not a big deal really.