This is the first song I've written, not counting the dozens of orphaned riffs and melodies I have laying around and have yet to assemble into a complete song.

I've been playing guitar for about 5 months now and I wrote it so I can actually play it so its not especially impressive but it's the best I can play right now.

Tips/Criticism welcome.

The zip includes gp4 gp5 and midi files.
I'm not going to lie, when I saw that you had only been playing for 5 months, I really wasn't expecting much, but it actually wasn't bad. Only problems I had with it was that it was a bit repetitive, and certain parts seemed a bit drawn out. I'd also like to see some drums and bass in there. Overall quite good for your first song, keep it up.

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I liked the verses riff the most, the prechorus wasn't as good as the verses or chorus, but still the whole song was ok. Its a great first song, and the lead guitar does a great job.

I don't like how the solo flows, it sounds just like random licks put together.
Also the song gets kind of boring/repetitive once past the solo, although i liked the outro.
You should add some bass or drums to break the randomness of the song.

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