okay folks heres the deal... i have an ibanez rg and some old pedals and **** im putting up on ebay soon and im thinking with the cash i make ill get a new fender mexi strat... but because i know the pups in there are gonna suck... im trying to figure out what some good replacements would be... im thinking a verry SRV/Jimi hendrix tone for this guitar a nice blues tone... what are your recomendations people?
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Fender Noiseless Vintage Pickups

Noooo. Part of the magic of both of them was feedback, noise and the like, most of which are killed by noiseless pickups.

Anyway, TS, try either the custom shop 69' pickups or, if your on a budget, the Tex Mex pickups.

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Lace Sensors and Tex Mex i think.
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ill check em all out thanks! not a fan of tex mex
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