Hi, I'm trying to play Pride (U2) and I have no idea what to set this pedal to. Can someone help?

There's a tempo and tap but that I don't know what to set it to, but I do no how to change the delay to 480ms (as I read it needs to be set to). What's the tempo and tap do?

"what if your track is at 110 BPM, or 92.6843 BPM - how do you work out the delay time then? The simple equation is this - divide 60 by the tempo to give you the crotchet pulse of the song in seconds. 60secs/110BPM would give us a delay setting of 545ms. 92.6843 BPM would give us 647ms."

now just do it in reverse for ur song

Tempo is beats per minute

Tap u can MANUALLY TAP the tempo by keeping the beat