I'm thinking of getting an Epiphone ES-175 Reissue with a Fender Blues Jnr 15w (valve). Would this be good value for a nice clean tone for mostly jazz, with some blues and classic rock? All help muchly appreciated.
A Blues jr wouldn't have enough clean headroom for playing electric jazz live, but would be good for blues and classic rock - though wouldn't feedback be an issue with that guitar? If you're not playing live any time soon obviously that's not an issue. If you are, maybe the larger Blues Deluxe?

I think a lot of pro jazzers use solid-state, which would be pretty useless for classic rock.
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I'm definitely not gigging, I just want an upgrade on the ****ty ibanez amp I have now, and I'm also in the market for a hollowbody. I've tried the guitar in-store and feedback is pretty bad, but fine for practice. Thanks for help so far though, is the epi es-175 decent?