Can someone help learn how to count the rhythms of any song please so I can understand timing very well when I practice songs to my metronome?

Think about it like this; most songs are in a 4/4 beat. That means it has 4 beats to a bar. How to count this would be to count the snare drum in a 2/4 beat (2 beats in a bar) and double it. Then tap that amount, if ya get me, with your foot. Now you'd have the beat!

My music teacher said to do it that way, just because it's easy.
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thanks for the help, but i think that's not the answer i was looking for i guess. Im only using tabs on this site so sometimes it may not tell me the bpm of the song. after i learn all the riffs of the song then i try to figure out how to use a metronome to it to keep me in time( how don't know how to use it really besides practicing scales) Maybe you guys can give more answers in greater detail please

Thanks everyone for the help, I appreciate it