I'm thinking of selling my 'ebony' Epi LP Custom - I rarely play it and I could use the cash. Prices on eBay atm seem to be around £125-150 - that seem about right?. How much could I expect from a guitar shop? It's a MIK (~2004/5) which are supposedly superior but I don't know how much that affects value?

It's got some nice aftermarket pickups in it (BK Mules - £200 new) which I'll obviously replace with the stock ones if I sell. How much could I expect for them or should I keep them for my next humbucker guitar?

In case you haven't already realised I'm in the UK.

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I had to sell my epi les paul custom recently due to being laid off work i got £195.00
yes all six strings buzz !! but it`s unique isn`t it
I'll give you £130 for it.
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The pickups - no idea, it's pretty rare people buy second hand pickups, so you're probably best just keeping those.

As far as the Epi goes, around £140 sounds fair, give or take depending on it's condition. The fact it's a Korean one will mean some people online will pay more for it, though a store won't pay extra for that. As a general rule of thumb if you sell to a store, they'll only give you between 1/3 and 1/2 what you would get if you sold it yourself.
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