ive recently gotten into opeth. im not much of a metal guy but i love progressive music. really digging riffs like master's apprentice. how do i get that tone? what settings should i use. would american or british voicing work better?
i'd quite like to know this too, all i know is they use Laney amps.
Just go to Opeth.com, and highlight discography. When the menu drops down highlight your album of choice and then select gear. That will tell you all the gear they used on the album.

As far as their tone goes, it's not that hard to get on any high gain amp. Just turn the gain down lowish (5-6) and adjust the EQ to match.
i was asking about settings. i am not a metal player so i am not gonna go out and buy a metal amp. i do have a blackstar valve distortion pedal for high gain. you can choose/blend american or british voicing on it. i have a prs which also helps.