Alright, I've decided I'm going to cross-train to Bass from Guitar so I can be a lil' more valuable in some way,shape, or form.

(Background info)This was brought about by joining a band. The band has 3 members, 4 including myself... The two guitarists both do vocals evenly while playing guitar(quite well) and then there's the drummer of course. They play metal originals and covers along the lines of Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, and As I lay Dying in Drop C Tuning. They were looking for a bassist close, so I decided to try out. I surprisingly did well when I picked up the bass they had over in their place, apparently I outdid 5 other people who tried out... and I've only had about maybe an hour worth of actually contact playing a bass guitar.

Anyways, I'm needing to know where to start, I already have some playing skill with a pick and a background playing metal/general rock on guitar. So I know a lil' general music theory and skills from that, but I KNOW there are some differences between making a guitar-line and a bass-line. What they(and I) want to do it be able to play bass to where I can follow the song but not be to where I'm literally just playing most the guitar stuff an octave down. Needing to know because they have already written 4 originals that they play on stage, and about 5 more off-stage.

To save time, what gear do you recommend. They've offered to buy my equipment as long as the total is about under 1.5k-2k, what type of strings, pickups, etc.

Thanks to anyone who replies, I'm going to post this on some other bass forums as well to get a larger response.

Ashdown ABM with a 4x10 for 1x15, good amount of power, good starting point for tone. Should set you back around $900-$1k.

Bass, Fender Standard Jazz? Smooth to play, can get a nice bite out of them with the bridge pup. Should never let you down.

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if your coming from guitar you should get something easy to play, ~I hate to say it, but one thing even the cheap ibanezes have going for them is they're easy to play, but try other basses in a shop before you pick one defonately.
no gibson/epiphone or behringers for you
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O.o Behringer basses are actually good? >.> My experience with behringer electric guitars has been bad....
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O.o Behringer basses are actually good? >.> My experience with behringer electric guitars has been bad....

If you see that word, don't buy it. K?
Behringer makes guitars?

For your amp, I'd suggest Carvin. They have awesome stuff and are inside your budget, much better than anything else in the price range, and can pull off quite a few different tones. I'd go for this, it's got all you could ever need from an amp except tubes. (no tubes is fine for a bass amp)

For the bass, Peavey, Traben, Ibanez, and Schecter are going to give you the best instrument for the price, though there's certainly nothing wrong with any other brand if you prefer it.

Also, watch out for used MIA Peavey stuff, especially from the 80's, as it is almost always awesome-sounding and will last you for quite a while. (seriously, the stuff will survive the apocalypse)
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Yeh Behringer makes guitfiddles. Was my first electric actually.. huge frets, low powered pickup that groan in pain... it's evil.