Hi UG. I going to be getting a guitar with a floyd rose bridge on it.
Well actually, it's an ibanez double locking trem (on an RG2550Z in white).

I was just wondering iif there are any tips for getting the strings to be fully stretched so that when i start using the whammy bar, it doesn't go to much out of tune.

What i do at the moment with my other guitars at the moment is string them up and hvae them tuned higher than normal and then leave it over night before i tune it up properly.

Is that a good technique to use with my soon to be new guitar or is ther another method i could use??

Help and advice really appreciated.
I roll a pen underneath the strings from the 24th fret to the 1st while tuned to pitch a couple of times.
strech the strings with your fingers then tune it again
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Grab string.
Pull string.
See if it's gone flat.
If it's gone flat retune it and stretch it some more.
Keep going until the string stops going flat.

Also, you should be doing that on ANY guitar, not just ones with a Floyd.
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your new strings are all set in...keep them unlocked...play with your floyd a bit you'll hear it go out of tune drastically, but then it goes out of tune slightly thats when they should be stretched...dont be afraid to really pull up on the trem, i have an OFR but basically same thing, except you can keep your ball end of the string

people tend to be afraid of OFRs/EDGE Pros and spread FUD about 'being careful' and not breaking strings as if they cost alot, you'll learn all that Fear Uncertainty Doubt is just, nonsense. if someone says "be careful", they dont own a guitar with a tremolo system, they just jump on a FUD bandwagon, otherwise dont be intimidated by these systems dude, they are like pink dust fairy's, very friendly and unscary
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i won't be siro78. Really helpful. I'm not intimidated by them and i'm gonna whammy the living **** out of it.

that is if it could defacate lol
Just wank the hell outa ur floyd for a little while. Upwards of course. As much as you can stretch the strings though, its still going to stretch and need to be re-tuned at least once in the next couple of days.
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I place on hand over the string to hold it down and pull up with the other giving it a few really good tugs. Re-tune and start over until they are fully stretched. Also make sure you have tightened down each string on the floyd very tightly or then have a tendency to come out or unravel when you stretch them.

Also a treml-no will be your best friend once the new wears off lol... God I hate floyds, but you have to deal with it to get the guitar you like so thats life.....