Hey,I'm looking for a new amp and I was thinking about the one channel Peavey Windsor head (if they have a combo of the exact same amp,I would have chosen the combo but I don't think the Studio 15 is appropriate for me) which I can buy for like €350 (about $400 ?) and I was looking for a cab.
I found one used,a Laney GS112 VE Closed back ext. cabinet for €110 ($150 correct me if I'm wrong)

Power RMS : 75 Watts
Inputs : Single Jack
Impedance : 8 Ohms
Drivers : 1 x 12" Celestion 70 Eighty
Weight : 16 Kg
Dimensions (mm) : 559 x 420 x 250

Is this a good deal or should I look at something else for a cab (price range for a cab :less than €250)

And if I connect the windsor to it,does that mean I can only get 75W out of it ? And will this be loud,it only has one speaker.

Thanks for your attention
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This would not be advisable, you will most likely blow the speaker. Your cabinet needs to be able to handle at least as much wattage as your amp. Also this is just personal opinion, but I don't find that heads sound good with 112 cabinets. I would try to find a cheap 212 or a 412 ideally. Hope that helps. Feel free to ask any more questions.