so i got a bugera....i was prety excited...but on the thrid day i had it it blew up, so im sending it back and getting something thats been tested and prooven. the first thing that came to my mind was a peavey 5150, but thats definately out of my budget (id like to buy new) so then i saw the peavey valveking, how does this stack up to the 5150. does it have a good tone? is it reliable? how about the cleans?
How did it blow up?
Bugera's have had problems when being shipped due to arriving in countries needing a biasing.
Were you happy with your Bugera?

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well it went t hrough 5 fuses in one day then a tube blew up....but the tone was incredible...it really did sound good.....and it was biased
I had a Bugera...still do in fact...it also blew up...but I got it fixed for free.

I used that amp exclusively live for nearly 6 months after it was repaired with no issues.

But, I recently came into some sponsorship money, so it's off to ENGL town for me.

The point of this post is, the Bugera (once repaired) will kick the ass out of a Valveking
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yea but id rather not it happen again!!

I wouldn't think it is a big deal. Bugeras sound great but some have a problem. They show up within the first few days. If you get one that lasts the first week then you have a good one. I personally think it is worth it to go through a few to get a well built one instead of a low quality (build and sound) valveking.
Well, it depends what you've after tone-wise...

Valvekings (to my ears anyway) are the height of mediocrity, the cleans are meh, the crunchy tone is meh, and the high gain to is very meh (perhaps better with a ts9?).

As you can see in my sig, I had a 333xl and aside from the fault, the amp was excellent. Th cleans were sharp and clear, the crunch had some sick AC/DC-esk definition and the high gain...well... it was certainly high gain.

That is just to my ears though, try them out, see what suits you best man.

It's the only way to truly know.
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ok.....that sounds like a good plan....cuz yea the tone on that thing was amazing

and what cheap tubes could i re tube it with to get a brighter sound?

tubes aernt things i want to cheap out on tho are they......

EDIT: i have a 6262 and the gain seems pretty good but is there more gain on the 333xl? isnt the 333 for like heaveir metal?
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^Nope. Tubes have a good deal of effect on the sound. Tungsol 12aX7 tubes in the preamp would make it brighter AND sound a good deal better. For power tubes, DONT get JJs because they are dark sounding. Great tubes, just not what you want.
^^^ definitely not a thing you want to cheap out on at all...

sadly I'm not very tube savvy, I just ask my tech to pick the ones he reckons are best. and whatever he chooses works perfectly.

So, ask that very same question when you're in-store trying out the amps. You may just stumble across a music shop employee who knows something other than dollar signs. If not, look up a local guitar repairer/tech and ask them.
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oh wow those are cheap......15 bucks a pop thats good

heh heh heh i was thinking about calling the company and saying i didnt like my 6262 and having nthem send me a 333xl.