check us out, we dont have the best recordings yet. we are working on better demos...

oh yea and no singer on these tracks yet...

but give them a listen, tell us what you think.

the acoustic tracks are very melodic.

we are our guardians ashes..enjoy our music.

The acoustic stuff is really nice. I have yet to listen to the other songs. Keep up the good work!

Oh just one thing, you may want to change the font on the myspace page. Comic Sans Ms gets a little annoying after a while

EDIT: I'm listening to 'track 3' now and this is pretty good stuff. Awesome job!
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The Harmonies in your acoustic songs are..are..amazing. NY FTW!!! I added you guys as faves, and well i added your songs to my playlist Bands From UG

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Holy odbfiydhwkbjwh this is amazing

Track 3 is absolutely amazing! and I love the acoustic songs as well!

I want to hear some vocals, though.