Well, play in A major (or any of the modes, or f# minor pentatonic) over the a chord, and use g major (or a mode, or e minor pentatonic) over the other two chords.

C major might not work so well, as there's a c# in the a chord and an f# in the d.

Edit: theoretically it should be fine, but f# minor sucks over a major.
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isn't it A major and C minor ?
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isn't it A major and C minor ?

Definately not.

C minor just sounds wrong.

TS: you could get away with using only a major the whole way through, but using g major would spice it up a bit. And you definately can't use C major, because the notes of C major make up the notes of A minor... and that ain't so good over the a major chord =D

Edit: Well I'll be damned, C major/a minor sound fine.

TS: C major, a major, g major, a minor.

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