A few of my friends and I are thinking of doing a medley at school for the talent show, with a kind of comical aspect.

We want to do Gay Bar and High Voltage by Electric 6 and Girl All The Bad Guys Want, but we don't know where it would be appropiate to go from one to another or indeed in what order they should be in. We also don't know whether we should add in another song or not.

I would be grateful if people could possible suggest with reference to song times where they think it may be appropriate to change.

Many thanks
Do Mr. Sandman by Oranger

people will know it, but like the cover!
Only the blue sky and the green grass
Go on forever in this world
Where seconds feel like eternity
And years pass in blink of an eye
girl all the bad guys want is by bowling for soup isn't it?

You could also do High School Never Ends which is by the same band
Yeah sorry, forgot to mention that.

I think we are pretty much definite on doing a fourth song, but its the order that and figuring out and appropriate time to switch that we're stumped on..anyone any ideas?