Jusy a few recordings i did with my Girlfriend.
im playing guitar on the first track, and drumming on the second. but i play both guitar solos.
beware they are just demos, not great quality.

any thoughts??

i'll crit your stuff in a second.

mine is www.myspace.com/stilettostabwounds


edit: okay, it sounds real good for a demo though, and i love the way you've got the screechy thing as bm vocals/whatever.

to improve, all i'd suggest is add real vocals on top, and maybe increase the tempo.

gonna check out my stuff?
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very original
some of the guitar is pretty good, but drum machine doesnt sound that good.
hey matteous, want to combine forces and make an internet blackmetal band?

e.g. if you make track featuring whatever instruments you play, i'll record my own stuff on top...