Hello people!

With my band I've recorded a single a while ago.
I've put it on youtube just for people to listen to it and get some reactions.
I hope you've got the time to listen to it and tell me what you think.

I don't know if youtube links are allowed (please tell me if not)


Thanks in regard,

really cool chill music, def intereseted in what else you guys got
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I'm glad to hear that.
We want to record some more in the future so I will post that too.
I really like the guitar tone. Fits real well. The solo is real good, too. Not going over the top and taking your time. The vocals were a little weak, IMO. Just not my style.
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the days go so slow
Ok, thank you for your reaction!
I'm happy to hear that you've liked it.

But maybe the vocals were a little weak because of the fact that we only had 2 hours to fully record the song. I guess that's a little less time...
But well, as you said, it also has to do with a style that you have like.
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Does anyone has some further ideas to put this under attention?

Thanks in regard
Sweet tune. The vocals imo were great and fit the song nicely. The vocal line in the verses flow well and the guitar was good too [very chilli’s]. I liked the acoustic tone at 2:25. Good mix, nothing to complain about. An enjoyable listen, well done 5/5.


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Thanks! We wanted to do something more then only the electric sound so we brought in some acoustic as well. Just a little something different, but not to much.
I think it worked out well reading these reactions.

I've heard your tune yoyo9333 and placed a reaction at your thread.
Nicely done by the way!
very very fresh. lovin' the laid back cool vibe. nice song to chill out to. appropriate title too, brings to mind sort of a summery feel.